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Carnauba wax is the favored car wax by concours admirers and collectors since it produces an opulent, warm shine. It changes the paint into an intensive, liquid pool that glimmers under varying light conditions. The more carnauba wax, the more shine. Carnauba is rock hard in its natural form. Car Wax makers have to blend the wax with oils, petroleum distillates, or a solvent called naphtha in order to make the wax workable. It creates beautiful shines as it did on this

The very best carnauba-based car wax is only about 1/3 natural carnauba. It’s probably for the best since the price gets higher and higher as the concentration of carnauba rises. When a product advertises “pure carnauba car wax” or “100% carnauba car wax”, they are referring to the purity of the carnauba that is in the product, not the product as a whole- Like one the of Best Carnauba Wax 2014 ( it will most likely be the best carnauba wax 2015 ) in this article, is the P21S Concours Carnauba Wax.

Benefits of Using Carnauba Car Wax

Carnauba wax is solid and is supposed to be rubbed into the surface of the car in order to get the finest shine out of it. You shouldn’t use the abrasive or granular car waxes that are produced with carnauba wax. These are not for car polishing but designated for car detailing use.

In addition spray waxes are also accessible, which can be just sprayed on the exterior of the car and then polished. The spray car wax is perfect for fast polishing jobs. It’s also very efficient for protecting the car from abrupt showers. It’s better to apply the boxed array though, as it endures for a longer time and provides a much better shine.

When the best carnauba wax is used the car is very well protected from water. As a matter of fact, the wax creates such a high shine that it’s utilized in the food industry to make edible foods look pretty and shiny. It also has stronger capability to cater to specific colors or shades. The Zymol brand does a great job at this and produces the best carnauba wax for red cars like this Nissan GT-R.

This wax isn’t similar to usual beeswax that is easy and soft to use. Carnauba is flaky and hard, in addition it has to be integrated with other materials to make it simple to apply on the exterior of your car, as explained above.

Carnauba wax generates a hydrophobic surface on the car and is also acts as a protectant. You will discover that lesser quality waxes aren’t actually hydrophobic and they also cause water to “sheet” on the exterior of the car. The wax is preserves the paint job of the car and can intensify the sparkle on the surface of the car.

Usage of carnauba wax

Foremost confirm that your paintwork is ready, eventually the finish will simply be equivalent to your preparation. Waxing is the last phase of the process so ensure you know the procedure on washing, claying, polishing and cleaning before waxing.

There are various ways of applying the wax, such as using your hands, microfibre cloth or an applicator, if you have one, a machine such as Porter Cable 7424. Waxing with an applicator is an excellent method to use; it enables you to obtain a very thin layer of wax and even coverage.

By using your hands for an excellent shiny finish, wipe all metallic parts with a soft cloth. By containing further Carnauba Wax it will maintain and enhance the shine thereby protecting and sealing the surface from further dirt and staining. Keep in mind that thin is good!

Pros of carnauba wax

Carnauba car wax repulses water and, thus, most contaminants.

When spread to any exterior, carnauba maintains these attributes. Thus, an implementation of a carnauba based car wax to your vehicle will shield it from heat, UV rays, oxidation, moisture, and environmental corruption.

Water cannot break down the covering of carnauba wax, and only certain solvents can, usually in combination with heat.

Used plain, it can make something waterproof and wear resistant.

Combined with things such as tints and dyes, carnauba wax can be used to create an enduring colored polish.

Unlike many other waxes, a carnauba wax finish will not flake off with time, it will merely become dull. This makes it ideal for locations in which a flaking finish would look unsightly.

Cons of carnauba wax

It doesn’t last for long like synthetic sealant.

Finishing of carnauba car wax will erode off in just about 6 to 8 weeks. It matters a lot whether or not your vehicle is garaged or on the climate in which you live.

Every day commutes in a humid, hot climate signify a brief life extent for your carnauba wax cover. If you take pleasure in frequent waxing, then the time extent of a carnauba wax is just a reason to take pleasure in your much loved hobby!

With many brands accessible in the market it’s not easy to get the best car wax brand. All together, you can’t afford to make a mistake while deciding on the choice, because it will directly have an effect on the look of your vehicle. In such cases, you need to take consider different factors , protection offered and the durability , the cost , the task of applying it etc into thought to narrow down to the best.

The 5 Best Carnauba Wax 

Turtle Wax T-6A Carnauba Cleaner Liquid Wax – 16 oz. is regarded by many to be the most excellent car wax available in the market, since its exceptionally efficient at cleaning the car, in addition quite reasonably priced at $6.44 $10.26. This carnauba wax provides your car a long-lasting water repellent coat, which ensures that pollutants don’t end up damaging the car surface.
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Meguiar’s G7014J Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax – 11 oz.is clear, cover safe and easy to apply remove. This premium formula uses just the best carnauba wax, fortified with extended longer polymers to glide on and off smoothly, leaving a rich, deep carnauba wax sparkle. See Reviews

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Eagle One 836609 Superior Nanowax – 23 oz. employs the most excellent, top-grade Carnauba Wax blended with high tech hydrophobic polymers and nano technology to produce an incomparable high gloss protective covering. The Nano wax particles penetrate evenly and deep and contain phenomenal surface coverage. Ideal for entire colors, and extraordinary on black vehicles. It Increases the sheen and color of vehicles with graphics and vinyl wraps.  See Eagle One Nanowax spray review in above link and See Video here.

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P21S Concours Carnauba Wax 6.2 ounce is a pale wax, leaving no ugly white stains or powder residue on plastic or rubber. This exceptional carnauba beeswax mix goes on and comes off with incredible simplicity and delivers a great long-term shine. You will protect and enhance your car with the natural car wax that is the preference of enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. It cost around $37. See what people love about it here

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MOTHERS 05750 California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid – 16 oz (Ultimate Wax System, Step 3) It minimizes the slight marks and minor flaws present on the car, therefore making your car appear brand new. In addition it’s very simple to apply, and works best with gel coats and fiberglass. It costs just about 10-15 bucks. See Reviews, See Video

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In a nutshell, carnauba car wax is the polish of experts. It implores to individuals who desire the absolute most stunning car polish obtainable and are ready to spend a few hours each month or so to obtain it.

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