Purolator Oil Filter Review


There are occasions when I meet car owners who underestimate the power of an oil filter in relation to engine performance and lifespan. Like other car owners, there are times when I thought all filters are created equal.

Thus, I ended up sacrificing my car’s engine, till a friend recommended Purolator oil filters. The outcome was fantastic, and I decided to share a Purolator oil filter review to help you decide if this oil filter would be a good option for your car.

Things To Consider Before Buying Oil Filter

As its name suggests, an oil filter eliminates contaminants in an engine or hydraulic oil. As such, oil filters are necessary accessories for any engine powered equipment, more so motor vehicles. As we all know, clean engine lubricates the moving parts, and it helps in cooling the engine.

We have numerous types of oil filters and choosing the best oil filter from the rest can be a real hassle. Have you been facing this problem? If you have, here are factors to help you pick a good oil filter.

• Your Car’s engine type. Since gas and diesel engines use different kinds of oil filters, you need to purchase one that is suited for your particular engine.

• Good oil filters ought to have a higher micron level to filter most contaminant from your engine oil.

• Look for an oil filter with long drain intervals and one that can withstand your vehicle’ s system operating pressure.

• A good oil filter should provide a tight seal, yet s easy to remove.

• Shop around for an oil filter that doesn’t rust.

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Purolator Oil Filter Review

Purolator oil filters are advertised as oil filters that protect your engine and fuel tank, alongside reducing your car’s emission.

Based on this promise, the Purolator oil filters might be a good option for those who want to optimize their car’s engine performance as well as safeguarding the environment.

There are three types of Purolator oil filters designed for all vehicle models. They include Purolator BOSS with 99% dirt removal power, Purolator ONE with 99.9% dust removal power and classic Purolator with an earth removal power of 96.5%.


• The oil filters are constructed from metallic end caps to last long.

• They are polytetrafluoroethylene coated to facilitate easy installation and removal.

• Purolator oil filters have a better dirt removal power than most gaskets in the market.


• The filter might not fit tightly on some car models like Subaru Legacy GT. As such, you may experience leakage issues.

• They are expensive than most gaskets.

Features and Benefits

• Purolator oil filters feature wear-resistant metallic end caps which enhance their integrity.

• The filters have a double helix metallic center tube a quality that improves air flow thereby increasing your vehicle’s performance.

• These oil filters have an anti- drain back valve which shields your engine against dry starts and leaks.

• Purolator Oil Filters are constructed from a high-density fiber traps which can eliminate up to 99% of dust, soot, and any other micro-debris in your car.

• The filters have an oil change interval ranging from 5,000 miles to 15,000 miles.

• The standard Purolator oil filter comes in a universal size that can fit in nearly all vehicle types.

The YouTube video on this link might be a good visual guide to help you understand Purolator’s top features which make it an excellent option than other gaskets in the market.

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Alternative To Purolator Oil Filters

1. Mobil 1 Extended Oil Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1’s oil filter is one of the best alternatives to Purolator oil filters. This oil filter fits on 97% of vehicles, and you can also use them on other engines.

Some of the reasons why you might want to consider Mobil 1 as an alternative to Purolator oil filter include:

• Just like Purolator oil filters, Mobil 1 oil filter is constructed from synthetic fiber blend media to eliminate up to 99.6% of debris in your vehicle’s engine oil.

• Mobil 1 has an anti- drain back valve which protects your vehicle against dry starts.

• Mobil 1 oil filter is expensive.

2. Bosch Premium Oil Filter

Bosch premium oil filter is another good alternative to Purolator oil filter mad fro FILTECH s media screen to eliminate more than 99% of debris in your oil filter. Also, this oil filter’s base is made from steel to last long.

Some of the reasons why I deem Bosch premium oil filter as an alternative to Purolator include:

• Just like Purolator oil filter, this oil filter has an anti- drain back valve which shields your car against dry starts.

• It is leak free.

• It is less expensive.

3. Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter

Fram Extra Guard oil filter is designed to eliminate 95% of dust, soot and any other contaminants in your vehicle’s engine oil. The oil filter protects your vehicle up to 5,000 miles, and it comes in multiple styles to fit most car models.

Some reasons why I chose this as an alternative to Purolator oil filter include:

• It has a reasonable dirt holding capacity.

• Its lubricated seal is easy to remove and install.

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Getting the best oil filter for your car is a wise way to improve your engine’s performance and lifespan. Top oil filters have a reasonable dirt removal power, and they are easy to install and remove. I hope this Purolator oil filter review helps you secure the best oil filter for your car.

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