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Rav4 Cross Bars come in a variety of options, most of which add value and convenience to your small SUV by allowing you to safely transport more things. There are very few roof rack cross bars that you can install on multiple cars. Most Rav4 cross bars are created specifically for this type of car, but not all.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you explore the different rack options for your car. You should take your time and see if they can be easily installed. You will need to assemble the cross bar before you set out to drive or ride. Installation is not very difficult and you can do it within an hour without too much hassle.  Below is a quick list of available roof racks on the market today:

1.Roof Rack Cross Bars 54” Universal Locking Cross BarCheck Price
2.ROLA 59898 Universal Cross BarCheck Price
3.Genuine Toyota Roof Rail cross barCheck Price
4.Brightlines Toyota Rav4 Roof Rack Cross BarCheck Price
5.CargoLoc 2-Piece 53-Inch Aluminum Roof Top Cross BarCheck Price

You can find a roof rack cross bar for virtually any vehicle. Toyota also comes in the long list of these vehicles. The high demand of the Toyota Rav4 cross bars has increased with overall demand for this vehicle. However, people are curious to know how well these roof rack Rav4 cross bars have turned out to be.

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The main reason behind it is the fact that there have been numerous roof racks for other vehicles that have not been the greatest in terms of durability and practical use, among various other things. We will take an in depth look at these cross bars and give you our honest opinions about them. Not only that, we will also recommend you some of the best roof rack cross bars for your Toyota Rav4.

Before we proceed with our opinions on the best Rav4 cross bars, let us take an in depth look at them, as there are numerous people who do not know what rack cross bars really are.

What is the Use of a Rav4 Cross Bar?

You might be surprised to find out that roof rack cross bars can be used for virtually anything. They are extremely practical and versatile and add a lot of value to your car. Cyclers, DIYers, business owners, outdoor adventurers, and holidaying families are among a few people who can get many benefits by using roof rack cross bars.

A roof rack can easily handle ladders, surfboards, bikes, baby equipment and luggage etc. A roof rack can come in handy in countless scenarios. This makes them a must-have commodity for your car. One of the biggest problems roof rack cross bars solves is that of space. People always face trouble when they carry anything inside their car. They have problem adjusting the already cramped space. By installing roof rack cross bars, you will free up a tremendous amount of space for yourself and other passengers.

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Installing a roof rack to your car will easily negate the use of another vehicle, essentially saving you a lot of time and money. One of the best things about roof racks is that they are remarkably cheap considering how useful and durable they are.

The price range for roof racks highly varies, as some might be slightly expensive while others might be extremely cheap. The style, type, and steel of the roof rack cross bar are a few factors that play an important role in determining its price.

Do Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit All Cars? Or, Do You Need a Specific Rav4 Cross Bar?

One of the most common questions people ask regarding roof rack cross bars is whether they would fit all cars. The simple answer to that is no. Although there are a few cross bars that you can fit in multiple cars, most roof rack cross bars are especially designed for specific cars.

What Kind of Rav4 Roof Rack You Need

Since we have already established the fact that there are different cross bars for different cars, it is important to know what kind of roof rack would best suit your car. Determining which one would suit your car best is not that difficult.

Follow the short guide below in order to understand the different methods of attachments different cars use for roof rack cross bars.

Roof Bars for Cars with Roof Rails Raised

You will find raised roof rails in quite a lot of SUVs and estate cars. What makes raised roof rails stand out  are the rails that run from the back to the front of the car’s roof.

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The car manufacturer fits these raised rails and usually supplies them as an additional option or standard equipment along with some models. Unlike solid roof rails, there is an evident gap between the rail and the roof which is why it has got the name raised roof rails.

Solid Roof Rail Roof Bars

Solid roof rails are a slightly modified and evolved version of raised roof rails and are usually found on estate cars. Cars made after 2006 usually have solid roof rails. There is no gap between the rail and the roof of the car.

Roof Bars for Cars with Fixed Points

You can easily find fixed points on almost every style of car body, be it MPV, estate, or saloon.  Manufacturers especially designate a fixed point onto a car within the doorjamb. These fixed points come in handy for mounting roof racks. There are many different fix point mounting systems available on the market.

Roof Rack Cross Bars for Cars without Fixed Points or Rails

There are certain cars that do not have the features mentioned above. A doorjamb type of roof rack is what you will require for your car. These roof racks are extremely easy to install as you simply have to clamp them onto the door of your car.

Is it Possible to Fit Rav4 Roof Rack Cross Bars Yourself?

Fitting roof racks is a job almost anyone can do extremely easily. It is a DIY job that you can do by following the five easy instructions below.

  1. First of all, if you are installing roof rack cross bars for the first time, it would be advisable to ask for someone’s help. It will limit the chances of scratches and other kinds of damages. Additionally, it will make the installation process extremely easy.
  2. One of the biggest mistakes people make when installing Rav4 cross bars, or anything for that matter, is not reading the instructions. You can make the installation process infinitely easier by taking some time to read the instructions. There is essential information in the instruction manual regarding fitting positions and torque that you should not miss out on.
  3. Make sure that you completely clean the roof of your car before you try to fit a roof rack cross bar on top of it. There are times when installing these cross bars becomes extremely difficult because there is a lot of dirt inside the support and mounting points.
  4. An essential part of mounting cross bars is lubing them up prior to mounting. This is one step that quite a lot of people forget to take which causes them numerous problems down the line. You can easily remove the cross bars in the future if you apply some copper lube onto the bolts before installing them.
  5. You should pay attention to torque settings when installing a roof rack yourself. A lot of people make the mistake of over tightening the roof rack. This causes irreparable damage to your car and the roof rack cross bar. Observe the torque settings by paying attention to the instructions to avoid over tightening.

Dos and Don’ts of Using a Roof Rack Cross Bar

There are numerous brands of roof rack cross bars available on the market. However, there are many people who aren’t aware of properly handling them. Mentioned below are some dos and don’ts. You should always follow them when using roof rack cross bars.

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You should keep in mind that most roof accessories like roof boxes come along with certain speed ratings attached to them. Exceeding these speed ratings causes significant damage to them. Lift and drag factors are among some common reasons why you also have to adhere to the speed ratings. Additionally, it would be advisable that you lock the roof box of your car after attaching it if you plan to go for a long trip.

It is important to tie down objects like kayaks, canoes, or surf boards from the back as well as on the front.

The reason why tying them down will be a good idea is because driving your car at high speed generates a lift from these kinds of products, which can easily rip apart your roof rack cross bar. It would also be wise to check the rating of the cross bar that the manufacturers have given to you to see how fast you can drive with objects tied onto them.

You should check the user manual of your car to see how much weight your roof is allowed to carry. Make sure that the weight of the roof rack cross bar is significantly less than the maximum weight that the user manual suggests

Never forget to use the security locks on your Rav4 cross bars. They offer extra security to the bars and make sure that they always stay connected to your car’s roof. This will especially come in handy for people who carry objects like kayaks or bikes on their cross bars.

Always keep in mind that your car is not cheap; in fact, it is significantly more expensive than your roof rack cross bar. You should install it gently, making sure that your car does not get damaged.

Why Do I Need Rav4 Cross Bars?

A question that quite a lot of people commonly ask is: “why do I need a roof rack?” People asking this question are usually the ones who have not used a roof rack before. Well, there are countless reasons why one would want to buy a roof rack cross bar.

Although having a spacious trunk or hitch are good for carrying large and heavy objects, the need for a solid roof rack does not go unnoticed. The versatility of a solid roof rack cross bar is essential for carrying numerous objects, making sure that there is ample space inside your car for other things.

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Carrying luggage and other equipment becomes infinitely easier with a roof rack on top of your car. You will not find a perfect storage solution for your cars than roof racks. The carrying capacity of your car will increase tremendously.

Additionally, roof rack cross bars offer great versatility. Small pieces of furniture, camping equipment, and suitcases are among a few things that can easily fit on roof racks.

Let us take a slightly in depth look at the versatility and the carrying capacity that roof rack cross bars have to offer.

  • Versatility

Versatility is a trait of roof rack cross bars that never goes unnoticed. You can modify and personalize a roof rack cross bar to suit your needs very easily. Outdoorsmen are especially the ones who gain the most with the presence of roof rack cross bars. It is no secret that there is a lot of stuff that outdoorsmen need to carry along with them. Cramping their stuff inside their car takes up too much time and effort. Roof rack cross bars make sure that there is sufficient room in the car while the luggage and equipment is safe on the roof.

These cross bars are also great for sport enthusiasts as they can easily pack for a trip while saving space inside their cars for other stuff. They even have the option of installing canoe racks and bike racks on their roof racks.

Not only do regular outdoorsmen greatly benefit from roof rack cross bars, general everyday people do as well. You can carry spare tires on your cross bar, essentially freeing up a lot of space inside your trunk. There are a lot of truck owners who believe that they wouldn’t require a roof rack as their truck is already spacious enough. Little do they know that by installing a truck roof rack cross bar, they can tremendously increase the versatility of their trucks. You can transform your truck bed to a double-decker and increase its hauling capacity greatly.

  • Greater Capacity

Adding a rugged roof rack cross bar can greatly add extra storage to your car, which is something that is always welcome. Roof racks are capable of carrying extra large or super-sized items with the greatest of ease.

Understanding the Basic Roof Rack Systems

All of the vehicles available on the market are completely different from one another. They have specific features that make them stand out from each other. This is why most cross bars are different as well, as having a single cross bar for every car simply would not be possible.

A roof rack has two feet that are connected to a cross bar. Putting all the pieces together can sometimes feel like a difficult puzzle. However, if you read the instruction manual and get someone’s help, you’ll find that it is actually easy.

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The main differences that separate cross bars from each other are their feet; the feet of every individual roof rack cross bar connects differently. You will need to take a look at the roof of your car to determine the type of roof rack cross bar you will need.

Mentioned below are some tips that you should follow for identifying your roof type.

Identifying Your Roof Type

Identifying your car’s roof type is the first step for choosing your base rack. You will require a different roof rack depending on the roof of your car, and as we discussed before, the installation will vary as well. The following are the roof types that most cars have:

  • Rain gutters
  • Fixed points
  • Flush or low-profile roof rails
  • Roof rails
  • Normal roof
  • Rain Gutters

You can immediately know a car is old by seeing the rain gutters on top.  Rain gutters make sure that all the rainwater slides away from the car’s roof. They have bent edges that are effective in sliding the water away. You will need a roof rack that has a foot base for these types of cars. The foot base easily clamps to the roof without any problem.

Fixed Points

There are some wise manufacturers who know the need of having an easy and convenient aftermarket rack. There are fixed mounting points underneath rubber, plastic, or metal covers. It would be advisable to take a look at your manual if you are not able to locate the mounting points on your car’s roof.

Some roofs have fixed mounting points that run from the rear to the front of a car. You will need the use of a special fit kit from the manufacturer of the roof rack to install your roof rack cross bar.

Flush or Low-Profile Roof Rails

Flush or low profile roof rails are sturdy and great mounting points for a roof rack cross bar, and are usually factory fitted. You will find installing roof rack cross bars on these roofs extremely easy.

Roof Rails

Roof rails are usually factory-fitted and are commonly present in SUVs. This is among the easiest types of roofs to fit a roof rack cross bar on because of its extremely sturdy base.

Normal Roof

You will not find any rails or rain gutters on this type of roof. It is extremely smooth and simplistic in comparison to other roofs. You will need to hook or clip a foot or base on the roof with the use of a mounting clamp or a hook.

Our Recommendations for Rav4 Cross Bars

As we all know, there are countless roof rack cross bars available on the market, even when just discussing Rav4 cross bars in particular. Choosing between so many of them can become an extremely difficult task. But do not worry, as we have given our recommendations of the roof rack cross bars that we believe to be the best among them all.

1. Roof Rack Cross Bars 54” Universal Locking Cross Bar

This roof rack cross bar is great as it has a tremendous loading capacity of about 150 pounds. The availability of padded clamps makes installation infinitely easier and safer.

This model is the perfect candidate for the best Toyota Rav4 cross bars and will provide extreme versatility and ease. Mount cargo racks, kayaks, and canoes with relative ease and without worrying about them falling down. SUVs with raised side rails will greatly benefit from the roof rack cross bars 54 inches, especially if they have a gap between the rails.

What makes this roof rack cross bar so special is the kayak mount present on it that ensures that the stern and bow are properly attached to the vehicle bumpers for added protection and safety. The outside dimensions of this roof rack cross bar are 54 inches, which means that it can easily fit onto rails up to 47 inches. This means that you will have ample space for keeping your gear.

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2. ROLA 59898 Universal Cross Bar

This universal model would be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for Toyota Rav4 roof rack cross bars. The ROLA 59898 can easily fit onto any vehicle that has raised side rails. Another thing that makes this universal cross bar high in demand is its impressive fitting range. The ROLA 5989 is extremely durable, which you can credit to its anodized aluminum body. This stainless-steel hardware will make sure that you do not have to constantly buy new cross bars after every few months.

Locking cross bars is something that you should always pay attention to, as there are plenty of roof rack cross bars available on the market that tend to fall off while driving.

The ROLA 59898 has incredible locking capability as its integrated locking fastener makes sure that the cross bar sticks to your car’s roof like super glue all the time. The addition of channel and caps make sure that this universal cross bar is among the safest cross bars on the market.

One of the biggest things people new to roof rack cross bars often forget to consider is the loading capacity of the cross bar. They just buy their cross bars on a whim and realize later on that their loading capacity is not that great. However, you can throw this concern out of the window with the ROLA 59898 model as it has a tremendous loading capacity of 165 pounds/75 kg.

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3. Genuine Toyota Roof Rail cross bar

You would not want to miss out on this roof rack cross bar, especially if you have a Toyota Rav4. It is extremely durable and easy to install in comparison to other popular roof rack cross bars.

What makes the genuine Toyota roof rail cross bar so easy to install is the fact that you can simply install it directly on top of the roof rails. Not only is it extremely easy to install, but it can also easily carry almost 150 pounds of cargo. There are extra tie down options to secure this roof rack cross bar, making sure that it is extremely safe and has maximum protection.

You will also get a variety of roof rail accessories along with the genuine Toyota roof rail cross bar. Having these accessories is a great bonus as they will make installing onto your roof infinitely easier. Therefore, it would be wise not to miss out on this product as there is no other like it for Rav4 cross bars.

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4. Brightlines Toyota Rav4 Roof Rack Cross Bar

Durability is something that you should always look for when you go out to buy a roof rack cross bar. The materials used to make these cross bars are great indicators of how durable they are. Manufacturers of the Brightlines Toyota Rav4 Roof Rack Cross Bar use high-grade aluminum to create them.

This high-grade aluminum not only makes it durable, but lightweight as well. Additionally, the 200-pound loading capacity ensures that the weight distribution on your roof rack cross bar is remarkably even.

Wind noise is a problem that most roof rack cross bar owners face when they are driving. The Toyota Rav4 cross bars throw this problem out the window because of their incredible aerodynamic shape. You can easily install these cross bars within minutes, as they are adjustable in position. You will receive a comprehensive instruction manual, four mounting towers, and a pair of cross bars in the package.

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5. CargoLoc 2-Piece 53-Inch Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar

If you are looking for a top quality roof top cross bar that is extremely durable, look no further than the CargoLoc 2 piece roof top cross bar. Manufacturers use top quality aluminum to create this high quality cross bar.

A refreshingly surprising thing about this cross bar is the fact that it is extremely lightweight considering how strong and durable it is. The 69-kilogram load capacity of this cross bar ensures that it can carry heavy and sizeable objects like skis, mountain, bikes, and kayaks.

These cross bars are extremely secure and safe because of the brilliantly designed clamping mechanism they have. You can lock them by firmly fastening them to the side rails of your car, making sure they stay put no matter what!

There are numerous vehicles that this roof rack cross bar is suitable for. One of the main reasons behind it is the 52-inch measure ends it has. You will have more than enough room to keep your gear without any hassle. Owners of the Toyota Rav4 could do no wrong by getting ahold of this tremendous roof rack cross bar.

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