Sony XAV AX1000 Review

Gone are the days of listening to radio ads over and over again, flicking aimlessly through channels that only ever seem to play the same three songs.

Say goodbye to being stuck in a traffic jam because you missed the radio road update, and as for map reading - hasta la vista! - we are here to tell you there is a solution, and it can do all of these things AND MORE!

The Sony XAV AX1000 is here to change your life (or at least vastly improve your driving experience). This nifty little device is a media receiver that can be used in your vehicle for more things than you can imagine. Think of it as a one-step modernization for your motor vehicle, a vast improvement on your old analog radio and dated sat nav!

If all this is floating your boat - or should I say ‘driving your car’? - keep on reading to learn more, and to read our review.

So what is it?

The Sony XAV AX1000 is a multimedia receiver for your car that is controlled by Apple Carplay and comes with built-in Bluetooth.

You can install it where your radio currently is, giving you a modern update even in the most outdated car. It can be installed with a bit of DIY, but for proper installation, we thoroughly recommend you take it back to your car dealership or an auto shop!

It serves a plethora of purposes, including a Bluetooth speaker, access to radio, hands-free phone calls, navigation system, and traffic updates. It is a phone, audio device, and sat nav all in one! It is set up ready to use with Apple Carplay, meaning you can use most of those Apple apps we all know and love whilst driving…. Safely of course!


Specifications and Features - At a glance

  • The total size of the product is 7.01"x3.94"x5.55"
  • It weighs 1.98lbs 
  • The screen size is 6.2 inches (“) and is a large touchscreen 
  • Both Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
  • Multiple language choices
  • Apple CarPlay Ready
  • Rear-view camera ready
  • Volume control knob so you don’t have to press the teeny, tiny buttons that so often come on the car radios
  • The knob also ensures distraction-free usage
  • Clear and powerful sound due to the 4 x 55 W amplification

As well as these fantastic features and specifications, you can rest easy knowing that Sony is one of the top brands in the business, who have long since been renowned for the high-quality tech. 

Is it for me?

Sure, all that sounds great ‘n’ all, but we bet you’re wondering what all this means for you? The good news is, that this is suitable for all our Apple product-loving drivers.

The bad news is that because it is only compatible with Apple phones, Android users will be a little left out (okay maybe a lot left out since their phones are not compatible at all). 

Apple lovers will adore this and it is truly suitable for all needs. It is simple to set up once you have had it installed, and because of its easy compatibility, your phone can be connected super quickly.

If you are someone who can’t stand a silent car journey, but can’t think of anything worse than a static radio, then this is for you.

Or maybe you travel a lot, using maps and phone sat navs that are potentially unsafe? Look no further, because this little device does it all for you - and it’s handsfree! 

Sound good so far? Read on to see what we loved most about it. 

Our thoughts

Below we are going to list some of the things we loved most about this handy little device, as well as some downfalls of the product.

Rest assured, the good far outweighs the bad for us, but keep reading to see exactly what we think.

What we loved...

  • Overall, the Sony XAV AX1000 is the perfect product for those looking to update their current media system in their car. It is perfect for someone who has never had something like this before due to its simplicity and ease of use. 
  • It has a sleek, professional design, making it the perfect addition to any car 
  • Compatible with all Apple phones meaning you can safely use all of your essential apps and tools such as calls, maps, and music whilst on the road. There is even the ability to talk to Siri who can complete commands for you such as “Siri call My Mom”!
  • It features voice commands to make your experience even safer - no messing around with teeny buttons with this device!
  • It can connect even more sound amplifiers - you can still use your subwoofers
  • Clear screen with an 800x480 resolution for ease of use and clear graphics

What can be improved?

  • The fact that it is compatible only with Apple phone users means that it leaves out a big chunk of people who would otherwise love the product. It’s not suitable for Android phone users. Of course, you don’t have to connect it to a mobile device but bear in mind that you will probably not get the same experience and will be limited to what you can do
  • It can be a little laggy sometimes, although this may depend on the Bluetooth connection 
  • It can sometimes struggle if you are using navigation and music streaming at the same time, resulting in calls not coming through


Overall, we are really impressed with the Sony XAV AX1000. Of course, it is only suitable for those who use Apple devices but for those users, this is up there with the best.

The sleek design makes it look like it was already built-in to your car, whilst the simplicity of the device to use makes it perfect for even the most technophobic people.

It really does open up your options when it comes to in-car entertainment, ensuring you aren’t stuck with the same old boring radio channels day in, day out. 

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