Sun Joe Pressure Washer: Electric SPX3000 Review

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What to consider when purchasing a tool like this? (See features in image below)

Cost: Moderate

Weight: 31 lbs

Power: 14.5 amp (What is amp?)

Pressure: 2030 psi (What is psi?)

Hose Length: 20 in

Foam soap dispenser: Yes

Power Type: Electric

Power Cord: 35 ft

Includes: hose, foam bottle, power washer gun

Warranty: 2 Year

* CSA Approved

+ Manual (Click Here)


PROS & CONS: Sun Joe Pressure Washer REVIEW


The Sun Joe Pressure Washer is a fan favorite because of its ease and complimenting features. While washing your car, there will be times when choosing the right spray is an issue. This portable power washer 5 different connect spray tips to make your cleaning experience better and more fun (if you’re into that kind of thing). Also the dual tanks and the ability to regulate the amount of cleaner being sprayed outIt is lightweight and can easily reach around an SUV or car when it time to clean those tough spots of your vehicle.

Pro Highlights

  • Tip Selector
  • Dual Cleaning Tank
  • 34-inch Extension Wand
  • Easy to Use
  • See Image for more


The hose adapter is prone to leaking so it’s advisable that you replace this with a brass quick connect fitting as soon as possible. Some consumers even got a brass adapter for free by emailing Sun Joe. This sun joe pressure washer will not come with the best instructions. The assembling though is not that hard, anyone without experience in the usage of a portable power washer will not have a hard time putting the parts together. Someone who has minimal pressure washing experience will not have much difficulty in operating it even though it will only come with a quick reference guide.

Cons Highlights

  • Instructions could be better
  • Plastic adapter

Overall, the Sun Joe Pressure washer is one of the best power washers  on the market. The versatility of the SPX3000 is something worth mentioning.

By adjusting the nozzle, you can easily transition from one task to the next without any issues.

This means that you can count on the Sun Joe SPX3000 for all of your jobs aside from car washing while minimizing down time between the jobs themselves.

Try it and let us know what you think.


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