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Halogen lights have maintained market dominance in the automotive lights industry for a long time. And even with the emergence of LED technology, they have remained the cheapest option that gets the job done effectively. This is exactly what drove me to the Sylvania ZXE headlights.

I needed something that would have the cool look of HIDs but as affordable as halogen lights. The Sylvania ZXE offer a perfect combination of the above. It addressed all of my problems and did a great job while at it.

Things To Consider Before Buying Headlights

There are several factors to consider when choosing headlights for your vehicle. Such include:

Brightness: Keep in mind that while brighter lights increase visibility on the road by more than 50%, they tend to be costly. In addition, the fact that they work harder to reflect intense light means that they have a reduced lifespan.

Time period: It’s also important to consider the lifespan of the headlights you choose. Consider something that’s long-lasting to avoid the hassle of having to replace on a frequent basis.

Whiteness: Headlights that give out high intensity white light help you spot signage faster, thus improving safety on the road.

LED vs. halogen lights: The main advantage of LED lights is that they produce a bright light that’s visible both at night and during the day. They are to install and highly energy efficient. The only downside is that they have a high initial cost. Halogen lights, on the other hand, owe their popularity to low replacement cost and prolonged duration. The main disadvantage is that they generate a high amount of heat.

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What Is Sylvania ZXE

The Sylvania ZXE is a direct OE replacement that is designed to mimic the bright white light of HIDs while eliminating the expenses that come with retrofitting an actual HID kit. Sylvania is the go to manufacturer for replacement headlights and the ZXE is one of their best offerings.

This product claims to be DOT approved with the style and attitude of HID lights. Everything about it screams style, from its crisp white light output to the mirror top alloy coating. This Sylvania ZXE review seeks to explore everything there is to know about the product.


• Fueled by propriety Xenon halogen

• Stylish design

• Bright white light


• Brightness weakens with time

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Features And Benefits

Crisp white light: This is one of the outstanding features of the Sylvania ZXE as it gives the look and feel of HID lights. The ability of these headlights to offer a halogen light with the same visual appeal of HID lights allows you to save money on purchasing off-brand kits just for the look.

Proprietary Xenon halogen gas: Sylvania’s proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology is incorporated to help reinforce the bulbs’ HID components. This in turn helps enhance performance and brightness on the road.

Cobalt blue coating: This does a great job of providing optimum color output as well as light transmission. A mirror top alloy coating compliments the cobalt blue coating by giving the headlights a jewel-like look.

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Alternatives To Sylvania ZXE

1. Phillips CrystalVision Ultra

This is offered in a two pack and features a bright white Xenon look. It also comes with blue capped bulbs that give it a crystal appearance. This product is backed by a two year warranty and has a color temperature rating of 4000K.

2. GE Nighthawk Xenon

Contrary to what you may think, this isn’t an actual HID product. It is offered as a revolutionary solution with stellar performance and HID-caliber style. The affordability of this product makes it a great solution for those on a budget.

Specifications include crisp white light, color temperature of 4000K+, xenon gas, specialized coating as well as ultra-fine filament.

3. Sylvania XtraVision

These headlights also come in a set of two and have a color temperature of 3200k. Like the other models in this section, these are DOT/SAE compliant. They last more than three times longer compared to the UltraStar. The bulbs are quite bright with 1000 lumens. They use halogen technology, which isn’t as bright as HID but it gets the job done.

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This brings our review of the Sylvania ZXEto an end and what we can say is that these headlights are exactly what they claim to be. The product is a halogen light that replicates a HID setup and performs incredibly.

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