Ah yes! These blogs have created spaces for car lovers all around the world. The auto community has built sites and forums that help fellow car lovers, owners and new comers to maintain their vehicles, share highlights and chatter about the car industry as a whole. We know cars are apart of who we are and these are some of our favorite sites, take a peek!…

Our Picks for the Top Auto Blogs!


Auto Blog

auto blogs

iPhone apps, Podcasts, Virtual Auto Test Drive, and an Auto Green Blog, what else could you ask for from one site. Auto Blog has a powerful grasp on the Automotive industry and it caters to the auto community from all corners of the world. Auto Blog takes the cake, they “obsessively cover the auto industry with reviews, news” and much more.

auto blogs

Vault Cargo Management’s blog is absolutely huge! They go over everything from how to use ratchet straps, to the best camping adventures in the United States (and beyond), to the best roof rack for your vehicle. Talking with their owner, they publish something like 30,000 words per week which is absolutely insane. Definitely worth a read!

Covering an array of topics, from articles about driving in Russia, Bladerunner car sketches to car buying/flipping Jalopnik is one of the great sites in the automotive community. You can be sure to find awesome articles and reviews that are honest, humorous and thought-provoking. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, they also speak a great deal about other forms of transportation like aircraft! Exciting stuff.

To be honest, I really liked the name before I was introduced to it a few months back. Luckily, for them and us, it’s not all in the name. Auto Savant delivers some great content ranging from auto shows, sneak previews, long-term test (w/ updates) and reviews that will keep you up to date. Not to mention help you figure out whats best to buy.

Cool information and a smooth site layout to better show off the cars they feature and their insights. Ridestory is clearly a car lovers resource. You should definitely check it out. The site is equipped with a classified section (EUR), reviews and some downloadable spec sheets If you like speed, foreign and classic cars- give Ridestory a look.

Car Throttle is full of the coolest and most extreme car videos out there. The blog screams excitement as soon as the homepage appears on your screen. This site covers a gamut of topics and features sections dedicated to car memes, gaming, polls and street racing (just to name a few. Seriously, there are a lot of topics/videos).

Need road test info, car quotes, and multiple mobile apps, you will definitely find it here. Motor Trend is an up to date and professional blog that will be sure to keep you connected.

Definitely stop by The Truth About Cars for authentic tips and advice. There articles and forums are complete with good, particle information. You can also get a car quote after you spot a ride of your liking from one of their reviews.

It’s 2014 and we all aware of the GREEN car presence but may not be too informed about what it all means. Green Car Reports does a great job on staying on the pulse of the green car industry. They help car buyer shop for the best they can afford while sharing the benefits, pros, and cons of buying a green car. Check out their buyers guide.

From cool to serious, AutomoBlog is one of the auto blogs that has articles that highlight many facets of the automobile industry. It a great mixer. Honesty, it one of the best because it has a nice mixture of very informed articles that can assist you in purchase decision and cool articles that speak generally about the auto business  itself. Here is a cool article about the cars featured in the ever popular Zombie Apocalypse

Tuning, autos shows and reviews. Ultimate Car Blog places you in a space to absorb straightforward information about the auto industry. You’ll also get some hot topics from the industry like a leak in the system about the newest Tesla. If you are well involved in the car industry: you can submit a tip/ information to them to share your story, video or photo.

I thought it was important to include a blog that was specific to one brand or model. In this case, its BMW, one of my personal favorites. BMW Coop is the ultimate BMW fan/owner site. They find and highlight the best/latest new on BMW’s. Not to mention it is ranked as one of the top blogs and has an strong social media presents (check out their Facebook). Need reviews on a BMW model or just want the latest BMW new? now you know where to go.

Whats your favorite car blog? Let us know! leave a comment below.