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Over 80 percent of your driving decisions are influenced by visibility. Therefore, wiper blades are essential to your safety while on the road. Experts recommend the replacement of wiper blades every six months to a year for optimal visibility.

One top brand that you can consider buying for your car is Trico wiper blades. Trico has several sizes that fit a variety of vehicle models on the road.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Wiper Blades

1. The Blade Filler Material

You can go for wiper blades made of synthetics or natural rubber. Silicone and other synthetic materials last long but may not have a clean wipe

On the other hand, a rubber blade has a clean wipe but does not last long. I prefer good performance to longevity.

Then, there are wiper blades that come with Teflon or graphite additives. These help extend the life of the wiper blade by reducing the amount of friction.

2. Types of Wiper Blades

There are several types of wiper blades in the market from which you can choose from.

  • The Standard Blades

These blades are made of a metallic arm that looks like a hanger. There are usually put by the manufacturers.

  • Spoiler Blades

Spoiler blades have a lip running down the entire blade length. The blades are most common on the driver’s side.

  • Flat Blades

Flat blades are an upgrade of the standard types in that they lack a metal frame. In its place is a metal strip that runs through the rubber in the entire length of the blade to keep it stable. Flat blades can only be replaced by similar alternatives for excellent outcomes.

  • Customized Blades

The customized types are part of the original equipment replacement since they are made specifically like the manufacturer’s blades. Customized blades are mostly made for cars with special wiper blades such as the curved ones

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Trico Wiper Blade Reviews 

Trico is a leading wiper blade brand in the market. It manufactures different sizes and types of wiper blades for use in different conditions. In my Trico wiper blades review, I will exhaust the different features of this wiper blade brand. Its most common types of blades include:

  • Premium performance blades: TRICO Force Wiper blades, Trico Neo Form wiper blades, Trico Onyx Wiper Blades, and Trico Flex wiper blades. You can choose these brands for high performance.
  • Hybrid technology blades: Trico Instinct wiper blades, Teflon SHIELD Wiper Blades, and Trico sentry blades. These brands combine longevity with performance.
  • Factory replacement blade brand called Trico Exact Fit Wiper Blades. The blades are customized to the unique shape of the vehicle.
  • Extreme weather blades for use in extreme weather conditions. They include Trico Ice Wiper Blades, Trico Chill Wiper Blades, and Trico Chill Teflon Edge Wipers. These blades are ideal for areas that experience extreme weather conditions, such as snow or dust storms.


  • High-performance blades
  • Fits several types of vehicles
  • A wide choice of wiper blades for different conditions


  • More expensive than equivalent brands
  • Some blades a little thick for specific car models
  • Some Trico brand wipers make loud sounds when working if cars are traveling at high speeds

Features of Trico Wiper Blades

Vortec Aerofoil Plus High Glide Treated Rubber Element:

Trico wiper blades have a Vortec aerofoil design that helps convert the wind force to enhance optimal contact with the windscreen. This enables the wiper to clean the windscreen with ease, thereby eliminating the effects of dust and debris that may compromise your vision. The high glide treated rubber elements ensure a quiet and smooth wipe. These two features make the brand ideal for problems of everyday cleaning of the windshield.

Swift Easy Connection Adapter Technology:

Trico wiper blades are easy to install in your vehicle, thanks to the swift, easy connection adapter technology. With the technology, all you have to do is to look for an appropriate location to integrate your wipers, and you are good to go. Most of the other brands in the market require different connectors to work well with the specific model of the vehicle. You do not need any technical assistance to install your blades, as it is a simple and quick installation process.

Robust Superstructure:

Trico wiper blades are made of a robust structure that ensures that they in excellent condition for long. Moreover, the superstructure enables the wiper blade to work well in different weather conditions. Therefore, you will not have to change your winter blades when you get to spring or summer. A combination of longevity and performance saves you money that would have been used in regular wiper blade replacements.

Different Blade Sizes:

Trico wiper blades are available in sizes that range from 14 to 28 inches. It is possible to find a size that fits your car’s model from the list. You will be asked about the make and model of your car when buying online to ensure that the wipers you select fit your vehicle perfectly.

Refills for your Manufacturer Installed Blades:

If you do not want to change the entire set of wiper blades on your vehicle, you can get high-quality refills to fill the original assembly. The refills might not work on the assembly if it was replaced by another part that is not original equipment.

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Alternatives (Bosch, ABN and Safelite)

1. Bosch Icon 19B Wiper Blades

Bosch Icon 19B wipers feature a dual rubber that offers better resistance to weather and friction, making them last longer than Trico premium brands. They also have a patented shielded connect and bean design for optimal visibility during extreme weather conditions.

2. ABN Bracketless all Seasons Replacement Blade

The bracketless design of the ABN blade helps distribute pressure across the entire blade. It also gets rid of sounds and streaks. Also, it has an aerodynamic stream guidance design that enhances the stability of the blade. This product is good for the people who love speed.

3. SafeliteAutoglass Advanced Windshield Wiper Blade

SafeliteAutoglass wiper blade has a side mount coupler for the reduction of wind lift. It ensures that the wiper works well even at high speeds. Its Memory Curve Steel Beam provides uniform pressure when the blade is in action.

Check each of the products and how well they fit your vehicle’s requirements.

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Trico wiper blades clean your windscreen so efficiently that you do not experience visibility problems. Poor visibility is to blame for a significant number of accidents.

Use my Trico wiper blades review to choose the right wiper blade for your vehicle. Please click here to check the product for consideration in your next windscreen purchase.

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