Truxedo Titanium Review | An In-Depth Look At The Truxedo Titanium


Getting a new truck cover can be complicated. There are way too many variables to consider, and sometimes you have to make some hard decisions. Especially when there are two really great products to compare against each other. When you want to get a new truck cover, you need to be sure to collect which can satisfy your needs perfectly.

Truck Cover Buyers Guide: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium Review

Both the BAK Revolver X2 and the TruXedo Titanium are heavily worth considering since they are so similar in many different regards. After all, there are already many different variables that you need to consider before getting a new truck bed. Here are some of the most important things to consider.

Type of Truck Bed Cover

The inherent benefits of having this type of truck bed is that can really come with some serious benefits, like full access to the truck bed space, a lightweight and easy install, and sometimes some pretty strong protection from nature’s elements. Roll-up covers are also wonderful since

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Type of Truck Bed Cover: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium

Both the BAK and the Truxedo are both hardcover roll-up bed covers. In fact, their use is very similar. If you want the feature of opening your truck bed cover easily and having complete access to the bed space, both of these products will suit your needs well.

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Materials of the truck bed are important because they can have many impacts on their longevity. It can also have a great impact on how readily you can access each square inch of the truck bed, depending on how it is designed. Be sure to check the materials of a truck bed cover before you purchase it.

Materials: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium

The BAK comes with a hard aluminum cover which has textured vinyl brushed over the top. The nice thing about the BAK is that the materials do not block an inch of the truck bed space. TruXedo’s product, on the other hand, boasts a UV resistant hard aluminum cover with leather covered over the top. Both of these products are unique and built with high-quality materials.


A product that doesn’t come with a durable frame simply isn’t worth purchasing. The type of the cover, metal, and frame all have an effect on how durable the frame is. If not installed directly on the frame of the truck, then it can be easier to break from wind and force. There is simply no reason to add an aftermarket truck part to your truck which causes a slight lump in your pocket without getting one which is durable.

Durability: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium

The durability of these two model has some differences which the common user needs to be aware of. For starters, one is made with leather and the other is made with a vinyl cover. Although both have an aluminum frame, they don’t exactly provide complete assurance against theft. Truxedo’s product, however, comes with a nice UV-resistant layer to at least keep your bed’s contents secure from the sun.

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Easy Install

At the end of the day, installing a product at home by yourself can be frustrating. Don’t get confused here, though. Anybody who is handy and does this sort of thing all the time will likely be fine and will be capable to install the truck bed cover. If you are not confident in your installation abilities, make sure to learn more about the installation process of the product you choose.

Easy Install: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium

Thankfully, both of these products are relatively easy to install. The average Joe with a set of tools will likely be able to figure it out. In fact, they are both designed to be installed easily. Although you may have to expect to work at least an hour to install it, nobody said it would pop on instantly. Unless you do this sort of thing all the time.


Let’s be honest. It can be difficult to trust a new brand if there is not a pretty nice warranty that comes with the product. If you aren’t aware of a brand’s integrity, a warranty is something which can give you the assurance that you don’t receive a terrible product full of defects. Ideally, you can search for a product with complete protection for several years.

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Warranty: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium

The warranty is something which really makes these products similar. Both come with a generous 3-year warranty. At the very least, you should expect to receive protection from defects and faults by the manufacturer. This should be a breath of fresh air should you already prefer one or two of these models more.

BAK Revolver X2 Review: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium:

Although it’s important to illustrate some of the similarities in the product, it’s also nice to take a closer look at the product itself. The BAK Revolver X2 is a wonderful product which has its share of benefits, but also a thing or two that you need to take a look at. In either case, be sure to make sure that it comes in your specific size. Also keep in mind the many other important variables that we have described above.

Benefits of the BAK Revolver X2

From the ability to fit on just about any truck to the aluminum cover which is both durable and covered with a nice textured vinyl as an extra touch. This design is relatively easy to install and provides decent security and a reasonable warranty.

  • Fits many different truck bed sizes.
  • Hard aluminum roll-up cover.
  • Covered with textured vinyl.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.

Potential Problems to Note:

Just with any product, you shouldn’t expect complete perfection. The same thing here will hold true for the BAK Revolver X2. For example, it may not be obvious to some that a truck bed cover like this won’t provide a complete water seal on the edges. Additionally, latches and other similar parts on products like this can be broken easily.

  • Doesn’t provide a complete water seal.
  • Some parts can be easy to break.
  • Near-complete access to the truck bed.

BAK Revolver X2 Summary

Although the BAK Revolver X2 has a nice lineup of unique features, there are also a few things which you may consider to be deal breakers. For example, many people are disappointed by the fact that you won’t get a fully waterproof seal on the truck bed. Anybody who can accept this and also be ready to maintain parts carefully, there should be no problems to worry about.

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TruXedo Titanium Review: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium

The TruXedo Titanium has its own set of perks which really make it stand out. Although it definitely isn’t a perfect model, it has several features which really make it stand out from the BAK model to some people. Let’s quickly take a snapshot at some of the main benefits and potential problems of this model so that you can have a better view of them up close.

Benefits of the TruXedo Titanium

For various reasons, the Truxedo Titanium stands out as a wonderful all-around truck bed cover. For starters, the UV-resistance will help provide excellent protection when the sun’s rays start to hit hard on your truck bed. Those with precious cargo will appreciate both this and the leather lining which is easy to open up and offers wonderful protection.

  • Probably comes at your necessary size.
  • Hard UV resistant aluminum roll-up cover.
  • Leather-grain fabric lining over the aluminum.
  • Quick release makes it easy to open up.
  • Strong hooks to latch on when secured.
  • Full bed access.

Potential Problems to Note:

Although it’s nice to have a truck bed like this which offers full access to the truck bed, it also comes at the cost of increasing the total area of the truck bed. The cover sits 3/4” inches above the end of the bed rail. Accordingly, you shouldn’t expect a complete seal from water.

  • Sits 3/4” above the truck bed.
  • Adds extra space to the truck bed.
  • Doesn’t give a full seal

TruXedo Titanium: Summary

The Truxedo Titanium is a wonderful choice for the person who values things like UV protection, full access to the truck bed, durable parts, and having the cover sit slightly above the truck bed rail. If all of these things are preferable to you compared with the BAK model, then perhaps this is the best option for your individual needs.

Summary: BAK Revolver X2 vs TruXedo Titanium

At the end of the day, both the TruXedo Titanium and the BAK Revolver X2 are wonderful models. Since they both have their own set of perks and features which you may not find as successful, the product which is better is perhaps best left to personal opinion. However, since they both have wonderful warranties they are both heavily worth considering.

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