Viair 88p Review: Is Viair 88p The Best in the Game?


The Viair 88p compressor is a premium tool for inflating your tires. There is no questioning its ability to get the job done like similar to our other choices for the best tire inflators. The question really is can it get the job done efficiently and quickly? Lets face it, everyone who needs a air in their tire isn’t an automotive expert. Imagine how many people own cars but don’t know anything about how to clean their car or what soaps to use– many people still use dish detergent and think that an ok option.

Here we delve deep into the usage of the Viair 88p in this review. We want to be clear of it benefits before moving forward with making a solid decision. Lets get right to it. Here is the Viair 88p review.

Viair 88p Review & Stats

  • 10/10
    Extension - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Duty Cycle - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Portability - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Power - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Construction/Style - 9/10


The Best Out

What to consider when purchasing a tool like this?

Cost: Moderate

Extension: 20 ft

Noise Level: Very Low

Power source: Car Battery

Connection:  Twist-on

Tire Filling: Quick (less than a minute)

Duty Cycle: 4.5 % (runs 4.5 mins out of 10 before overheating )

Pounds Per Inch: 120 psi

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Pros & Cons: Viair 88p Review


Viair is high duty cycle tool  at 45% compared to most tire inflators which stand at 15% (less cool down time required with 88p). It is powered by the car battery and comes with extension clips to gain power. Most other compressors use the power of the cigarette lighter; the cigarette lighter plug-in isn’t a huge issue, its a matter of preference but going under the hood an clamping for energy can be safer and is definitely more sufficient. What do you prefer countless cig fuse replacements? or a one time purchase of a quality tool?

The extension cord and air hose can reach up to 20 feet allowing you to fill each tire with ease. Weighing in at 1 pound Viair  88p is a light weight compressor, so portability isn’t an issue – especially considering shipping cost and other travel needs. It has a built in fuse: its automative fuse reduce your car burning out. Another trivial feature is the brass twist on connector- some like it, some don’t, but it provides a strong connection to the tire reducing air seepage.

The best part of this compressor, besides the qualities perviously mentioned, is the crowed pleaser: the quiet. Yes, the quiet. Along with the lightweight material and the smooth exterior, the Viair 88p is the quietest tire inflators on the market. So quiet that you should make sure to pay attention to it while filling your tire (especially if you are looking to add just a little air).


There aren’t many. For a tool in this price point giving the quality that it gives, its awesome. The only thing that its lacking is a kit case. Any other cons would be based on preference, as I mention above, some people done like twist on connectors or clipping their tools to a battery- you decide whats more important.

Overall, the Viar 88p is the best which is why we place it as #1 and give it a great review. I’d like to see else Viair develops in the next few years. They already have a great roster of equipment and seem to have a finger on the pulse of what customers really want. You check out more of their tire inflators, check the reviews, use and tell us what you think in the comment section below. We are always searching for the deets.

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