Weathertech Reviews: Are They The Best Floor Mats For Your Car?



Floor mats are an essential for every well-kept car. Who hasn’t spilled a drink or a container full of messy food in their car at least once? I know that I have, more than once. Maybe you have small children, or pets, and you want to make cleanup as easy as possible in case accidents do happen.

There are many brands and types of floor mats for cars out on the market, and it can get a bit overwhelming to evaluate all the different factors and make the best choice for your own car and lifestyle.

This is where I can help out – I’ve researched car mats across the Internet and factored in some of the most common questions and complaints to conclude that Weathertech floor mats give some of the best bang for your buck.

There are many Weathertech floor mats reviews on well-regarded sights that I have condensed here into a summary of why this brand should be your top choice.

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Best Weathertech Floor Mats Reviews

1. WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mat

The All-Weather Floor Mat is consistently high rated on sites like Amazon, and gets amazing WeatherTech reviews considering its relatively low cost. The purchase includes mats for both the driver and passenger side of your car to maximize floor coverage.

This mat is highly waterproof, which makes it particularly ideal for winter weather – you don’t want all of that dirty ice and salt melting into the floor of your carpet!

As long as you check the model number of your car and confirm on WeatherTech’s website that this floor mat will fit your car make and model, it should fit like a glove with sides that come up past the floor to create a tight seal and make sure that liquids and spills don’t slip under the mat and stain your flooring.

The raised ridges on the surface of the mat are great not only for channeling liquid runoff and prevent pools of liquid, but also for creating a grippy, tactile surface that prevents accidental slips.

Nobody wants to slip on a smooth floor mat that has been covered by melted ice and snow! If you need any more reassurance that this product is one of the best on the market, WeatherTech has certified this and all its other products to ISO/TS Quality Standards.

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2. WeatherTech FloorLiner

The WeatherTech FloorLiner car floor mat is the second mat that I’m reviewing and bringing to you as a great option for your vehicle.

As explained in an in-depth look at this floor mat by CariD, one of the great things about this floor mat is that it is constructed using digital laser measurements of interior car surfaces to make sure that it slots perfectly into the flooring of your car and offers maximum mess protection.

Because it offers complete coverage, this means that this mat lines not only the front and back of your flooring but up the sides as well! This FloorLiner is available in options for both the front and back of your car, or you can buy both as a set to provide complete vehicle coverage.

Both pieces are made of a proprietary plastic that is wear resistant, flexible, temperature resistant and offers maximum stability and grip. You won’t have to worry about small children, pets, or elderly family members slipping on this mat!

The FloorLiner is available in different sizes depending on the make and model of your car, and if none of these options seem right to you-you can even have a custom fit designed specifically for your vehicle and your needs. Once purchased, it is very simple to install and even comes with a warranty of three years.

If your floor liner comes damaged or shows manufacturing faults any time during this period, rest assured that you can have it replaced or returned and don’t have to worry about the money you spent.

WeatherTech reviews on sites like Amazon rave about this product, saying that it ‘protects the whole floor and is easy to clean’, ‘very affordable for what it offers’, and ‘collects all the sand and dirt and water and deflects it out the back with a floor tray drain on the truck models’.

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3. WeatherTech Cargo and Trunk Liner

We all know that the trunk of a car or trunk can get pretty dirty if you’re hauling materials or supplies, or even just moving to a new place!

I remember a few years back when a friend asked to borrow my car to transport gardening supplies and flowerpots; my car ended up filled with dirt and mud, and if I hadn’t had a car liner to protect my trunk it would’ve taken forever to clean up.

If you own any type of car, SUV, or minivan and are looking to specifically protect your trunk or cargo area from messes and spills, the WeatherTech cargo and trunk liner might be the right product for you.

Like many of the other WeatherTech products, it is digitally designed and measured to ensure an optimal fit that fits snugly into your trunk – multiple sizes are available depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

It even has a raised lip feature that makes sure that any grease, water, or other spills doesn’t soak up into the interior lining of your vehicle.

A great thing about this liner is that it is manufactured in the United States under FMVSS302 standards, so you can rest assured that you are getting a maximum quality product. Three different colors – black, tan, and cocoa – are available to match different color vehicle interiors so that keeping your car clean doesn’t have to cramp your style.

A skid-resistant, tough surface means that items will slide around less in your trunk, keeping spills contained and preventing mess before it can be created!

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WeatherTech vs Husky Floor Mats

Husky is another brand that manufacturers car floor mats, and it is one of the brands that is often compared to WeatherTech when talking about the best product for your needs.

I’m here to discuss WeatherTech vs Husky floor mats and provide some insight onto how to make the right decision when purchasing a car or truck floor mat liner. One thing that you might have seen regarding Husky is that their floor mats are often cheaper than WeatherTech.

WeatherTech consistently gets better reviews as far as quality, durability, and how long the product lasts. In the long run, quality should definitely be prioritized over cost – it’ll end up being the same price or even cheaper if you don’t have to replace your liners as often.

There are many similarities between floor mats of the two brands. Both are made from custom thermoplastics and are resistant to wear and tear, and feature raised edges and grooves to optimally channel messes away from your feet and your interior.

They are also both available in multiple colors, are made in the United States, are easy to install without requiring complicated cutting, drilling, or anything like that.

Another feature that makes WeatherTech stand out from Husky and from other popular brands is its digital fit technology that ensures a perfect fit each time for your vehicle. Perfect fit is critical.

Who wants to buy a car mat and have it not fit perfectly in your car? An imperfect fit can lead to leakage, slipping, or unsightly bumps and raised edges that mar the aesthetic of your car interior.

That’s why this digital fit technology is so critical and must definitely be taken into account when deciding which floor mat is right for your lifestyle and for your vehicle. When I was first purchasing a floor mat for my car, I looked into all the options.

I even went to stores and looked at and felt the different mats to discern any differences in quality. After learning about the digital fit technology that WeatherTech uses when manufacturing their mats, I was sold. Fit is so important to me in both how the mat looks, functions, and in how easy it is to install.

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Are you a busy person who doesn’t have time to laboriously clean spills out of your car interior? Does a floor mat that can be easily removed and cleaned sound like something that would fit well into your lifestyle?

I hope that you enjoyed this article and the reviews of some of the best products that WeatherTech can offer for your vehicle. From my own personal experience, I can say that it truly is the best brand out there for a variety of needs, lifestyles, and vehicles.

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If you liked this article and its WeatherTech floor mats reviews – or had feedback to leave about your own experiences with car floor mats – please be sure to leave a comment or share this article with your friends and family.

Help spread the word, and minimize messes! Whether you’re a busy parent, pet owner who’s tired of messes in the car, or anything else, there’s sure to be a car floor mat out there that fits all of your needs.

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